Monday, August 18, 2014

Shocking IPL Decision Signals Victory for Grassroots Organizing

Friday's big news was IPL's decision to stop burning coal at the Harding Street Station plant by 2016.

The news was as big as it was shocking.

There's an old Ethiopian proverb that I've always liked.  It says, "When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion."  It's the idea of something very small taking down something big and powerful.

The Sierra Club and other more local environmental groups should be applauded for this move to improve our city's air and ground water quality.  A big hand should also be given to those City-County Councillors who bravely sided with the IPL opponents even before any poll data came out.  This was a victory for the grassroots efforts of many.

I must personally admit that I did a double take even though I got the news release in my inbox.  I didn't quite believe it.  Given the tone of IPL at the hearing over the City-County Council proposed resolution, I didn't think we would get here.  It was quite a remarkable turn of events.

Congratulations to all those that advocated for a new alternative to bring us power in a more clean and environmentally-safe manner. Thanks for making Indianapolis a little better.


Veracity said...

You hit the nail on the head - the real story here is that grass-roots folks won this battle. People came together, worked together and prevailed together. And a big shout-out to City-County Councilor Zach Adamson who led this fight within the City-County Council. Once again Adamson stood with the people he represents rather then taking the easier, politically expedient position of taking no position! Well done all!

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you would have reviewed IPL filings made at the IURC, you would have learned that it boils down to utility planning and cost projections; not grass roots lobbying. This had been in the works for a while.

johnnystir said...

That's not what IPL has been saying for the last 28 months.