Monday, August 4, 2014

Rokita's Ebola Fearmongering Typical of Right

As I drove home on Sunday night from dinner with some friends, I made the mistake of tuning into Bill Cunningham's Show.

The self-proclaimed "Great American" was fear mongering about the humanitarian issues at the United States border suggesting that these young refugees were spreading disease into the U.S.  It's a technique as old as immigration itself.

Apparently, Todd Rokita has gone a couple of steps further.  In an interview on Garrison, the Northwest Indiana Times reports that Rokita hinted that these refugees could have serious contagious diseases like Ebola...despite the fact that there's really no direct evidence that it's even close to being true.

I looked up a report on Breitbart that said 71 individuals from Ebola-affected countries had come across the border.  Zero of those individuals apparently has tested positive for the horrible disease, and no one in the Western Hemisphere has, so far, contracted the disease on this side of the Earth.

Now, that could change.  Relief workers are returning from the area, and it's, to me, much more possible that they could transmit the virus that, oh by the way, is really hard to transmit, outside of these countries.  This is not the flu.  The only way you can get this virus is to come in contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person or animal.

There are even serious doubts that this virus, while still deadly and awful, would even be that big of a widespread public health threat in the U.S.  Once identified, an infected person can be easily isolated in hospitals equipped to deal with this sort of disease, and our universal precautions training tells us to wear protective gear anytime we come into contact with anyone else's bodily fluids.

Therefore, Indiana's 4th District, your Representative has been completely, utterly, and willfully irresponsible.  We're used to this crap from Mr. Rokita.

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