Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Reports: Todd to Replace Gregory on MTP

Amid all the bad news in the world, a small tidbit of information crossed my Twitter timeline late yesterday that I noted.

It appears very possible that Chuck Todd will be the new moderator of Meet the Press replacing David Gregory whose tenure on the program has been marked by falling ratings and heavy criticism.

Todd is a protege of the late Tim Russert, and he has an excellent grasp of politics.  He, however, is not Tim Russert.  No one is, and it would be unfair for me or anyone to place those hefty shoes on Todd's feet.  If Todd does, in fact, replace Gregory, it will be an improvement.

Gregory's future is more cloudy.  Insiders expect him to stay aboard at NBC.  He could, of course, take his talents elsewhere.

I know for me that Meet the Press used to be required Sunday morning programming.  Since Russert's death in June of 2008, it has been a very difficult transition from Russert to Tom Brokaw to Gregory.  We'll see how it goes from Gregory to Todd.

Here's Todd grilling Indiana's Luke Messer.

Maybe we can see a glint of Russert in Todd.  Some of Russert's best work is here.

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