Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Security Gates Planned At Governor's Residence Signal Exactly What?

For over 40 years, the Indiana Governor's Residence has stood at 4750 N. Meridian Street.  It's a beautiful English Tudor home, and it's been the source of controversy as well as pride over the years.

The house is much older than 41 years old, but it's only been the official home of the Governor since Otis Bowen took up residence there.  Since then, Governors Bowen, Orr, Bayh, O'Bannon, Kernan, Daniels, and Pence have used the mansion as a residence or a place for ceremonial activities.

The commission that oversees that residence nearly proposed moving the residence from the home on north Meridian to a new location, but they eventually settled on renovating the residence that was built in 1928.  Some accessibility issues were addressed and a few other security features were added during the O'Bannon Administration.  Renovations were undertaken in the early days of the Daniels Administration.

On the grounds is a beautiful gazebo placed by the late wife of Governor Robert Orr.  Governor Bayh installed a basketball goal.  Mitch Daniels time as Indiana's Chief Executive was notable for Daniels not living in the mansion full-time and using it for only occasional events, and Governor Pence has taken up beekeeping.

Over the years, security has also increased.  No longer can you enter the mansion's grounds off of Meridian.  As part of the renovations in the Daniels Administration, there is now a larger parking area off of 46th Street.  Perhaps a sign of the times we now live in is that the Governor's residence is now going to be the home of security gates.

The money, according to the Associated Press, will come from the Governor's Public Building Foundation, and it's not known the full scope or price tag of the project other than the gates will be wrought iron.

More security is certainly not something this Hoosier would ever deny Governor Pence or the future occupants of that home, but it makes you wonder why the Governor right now at this moment may need more security.  Is it his rising national profile?  Is this in anticipation of a future run for President?

Oh the speculation!