Thursday, August 21, 2014

MCDP Releases Scathing Response to Ballard Budget Proposal

The Marion County Democratic Party responded to Mayor Greg Ballard's budget proposal in an e-mail to supporters.  They were not real supportive, and I don't blame them.

Here's the e-mail.
Mayor Ballard’s budget proposal is irresponsible and politically motivated. 
Our city is in the grips of an unprecedented wave of homicides. At a time when we all agree that public safety should be job one, Greg Ballard is playing politics. 
Ballard’s budget includes a $639,625 reduction in funds to the Prosecutor’s office, the very office responsible for putting the criminals in our community behind bars. This proposal is dangerous because it handcuffs the very man who the mayor should be supporting whole-heartedly, regardless of political party. 
Greg Ballard would rather stir up a partisan political brawl than solve the crime problem in the city of Indianapolis! 
The absurdities continue. The Mayor insists on raising taxes with a plan that nets very few additional police officers over time, while simultaneously paying more than $12 million dollars to PR and lobbying firms to sell us on a criminal justice complex that isn’t even built yet! That’s your money! Greg Ballard spends it as if you aren’t watching! 
If you are feeling some ‘cricket stadium’ or even ‘ROC’ de-ja-vu, you are not alone. This mayor has a knack for bad contracts, misplaced priorities, and wasteful spending. By slashing the Prosecutor’s budget, he is adding partisan gamesmanship to his arsenal. 
Mayor Ballard’s budget plan is an attack on the criminal justice system. This mayor is insulated from reality and ineffective in his actions. Now he is playing politics with public safety and the safety of our families. Don’t let Republicans get away with wasting your money! Register voters! Donate! Make your voice heard!

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