Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Indiana's 2nd Congressional District Race Worth Watching

Rep. Jackie Walorski
Congressional races across Indiana in 2014 have all the excitement of watching the corn grow in Hoosier fields.

There certainly isn't much out there to indicate there will be major changes in Indiana's delegation come January 2015.  That comes with one exception.

In Indiana's District 2, Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, the Republican incumbent, is under serious attack from Notre Dame official, Joe Bock, her Democratic challenger.  Bock is raising money, and it's clear that both Republicans and Democrats know how important the seat is.

Joe Bock
For Democrats, they have to have the seat in order to win back the House.  Republicans know that they have to hold the seat to keep the House.  With very few of the seats in question this time around...or frankly any time, Indiana's 2nd remains one to watch.

It's also gotten the attention of comedian, Bill Maher.  During his "Flip a District" segment on Real Time, Maher has mentioned Walorski's Northern Indiana district calling her a "gerrymandering queen" and pointing out that she only won after the district was redrawn to be more favorable to Republicans.  Walorski made it to the final 16 of Maher's list.

Fact is that Walorski was expected to win more handily last time than she did over Brendan Mullen.  Mullen, however, kept it close.  Walorski ended up nipping Mullen despite a district that rates +6 Republican.

Bock, who is very conservative, can win this, but it's still a bit of an uphill climb for a Democrat even with Walorski's seeming unpopularity.  I would not be surprised if this race ends up tight in November.  Howey Politics Indiana's Jack Colwell reports that Walorski has been running ads all summer long.


Abdul said...

Jon, you might want to check this out. I think you might want to give a little more weight to Cook than to Maher. http://cookpolitical.com/house/charts/race-ratings

johnnystir said...

Should have been "Likely Republican" last time around, but Jackie is just not that popular. Is there a more interesting House race in the state, Abdul?