Monday, August 11, 2014

In Memoriam: Robin Williams, 1951-2014

The laughter has stopped, and it has been replaced by tears of pain.

Robin Williams apparently took his own life today at the age of 63.

Who knows what great things he would have accomplished in his golden years.  What I know is that I will personally miss him, and my heart breaks for his family.

Depression is a terrible disease that some scoff at.  As someone who has suffered depression in the past, it can take you to a very dark place in a very big hurry without any warning.  It's not the melancholy we feel sometimes, but a deep ache in your soul that makes you feel that there's no way out.  Williams had been suffering for years with well-published bouts of depression.  It led to substance abuse, alcohol abuse, and other health problems.  In the end, it may have taken him away from us.

What he leaves behind is a wonderful career of award-winning work from stage to television to the big screen.  He was a truly gifted performer who excelled in everything he did.  He's one of the rare performers to have won an Emmy, a Grammy, a Golden Globe, and an Oscar...some of them multiple times.

I'll remember him for how hard he made me laugh, but I will also remember him for that melancholy smile and that twinkle he always had in his eye.

That twinkle is gone tonight, and I am sad.  The world is sad.

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Anonymous said...

Sad! We grew up watching his movies. He'll always be remembered by his famous quotes.