Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hogsett More Than Capable of Beating Ballard in 2015

Joe Hogsett dropped the biggest hint yet about his political future telling WTHR's Kevin Rader that he was "actively and vigorously" considering a run for Mayor of Indianapolis.

Here is Rader's piece from yesterday's 6:00 p.m. newscast.  If the embedded video doesn't work, follow this link to the story.

13 WTHR Indianapolis

Two things came to mind as I watched the report.

First of all, Hogsett has a good grasp of the issues facing the City of Indianapolis today, and you can tell a little bit about the strategy he might take to win the election.  Seems as if Hogsett will aggressively go after the Mayor on crime and in other areas where Ballard is vulnerable.

Secondly, Kyle Walker, the Marion County Republican Party Chair, had better find a better attack against Hogsett than he's a career politician.  After all, it would be Ballard who is running for a third-consecutive term should he pursue it in 2015.  His "politics just isn't my thing" line may have worked the first two times he ran.  By running a third time for an office, you're pretty much admitting that you like it.  Besides, Hogsett's political past, as portrayed by Walker doesn't really compare to the fight for Indianapolis' future.  Hogsett is plenty formidable as a candidate and knows very well the art of the campaign.  He is eloquent on the stump, and this is not the same uphill run as some of his past efforts at office.  Greg Ballard has barely won the first two times he ran for office.

I guess the campaign will take its shape from here.  Hogsett appears ready for the run to take over the Mayor's Office.  Is Greg Ballard ready to fight as hard as he can to keep it?

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