Friday, August 1, 2014

Hogsett Joins Bose, McKinney & Evans

Joe Hogsett
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Joe Hogsett joins the Bose, McKinney & Evans law firm today in his first day post U.S. Attorney.  The clock also starts to see if and when he announces his run for whatever most people speculate he's running for.

I doubt it will be today.  Today is typically known in the political biz as a news dump day.  Today is the day you put out any news you don't really want to be picked up by the local media.  Hogsett will definitely want the undivided attention of the local press if and when he makes his decision known.

In the meantime, some Hogsett supporters have set up a We Need Joe Facebook page, Twitter handle, and a website.  For a few weeks, they've been putting out information on Hogsett's behalf.  A source tells Indy Democrat that it's unknown who registered the site because it's private.

From here on out, I think you can say 2015 is officially here.  We'll see what Hogsett and, for that matter, Greg Ballard decide to do and when they decide to do it.

President Barack Obama will now work on appointing a replacement for Hogsett in the U.S. Attorney position.  There are many excellent choices.

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