Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Curry Not Banking on Easy Win Over Merchant Despite Strong Position for Reelection

Marion County Prosecutor
Terry Curry
I'd like to write about the Marion County Prosecutor's race for 2014, but, there's not much to write about.

Democratic incumbent Terry Curry is in the drivers seat, and his Republican opponent, Duane Merchant, is barely in the rear view mirror.

It's been a far cry from the contentious 2010 campaign that saw Curry take back the office from the hands of the Republicans by defeating the Mitch Daniels-backed Mark Massa.  Since then, Curry has been working to restore a sense of dignity to the office after that was obliterated by Republican Carl Brizzi.  The 2010 race was an expensive affair that involved nasty campaign ads.

So far, it's been pretty civil this time around.  Merchant has struggled to raise campaign money.  He trails Curry in that category by a bundle, but Merchant's struggles haven't made the incumbent complacent.

Curry sent out a cautionary e-mail last week to supporters with a direct plea, "To be honest, fundraising has been a challenge this year. Ironically, it appears that we are a victim of our own success, as our supporters believe that we will prevail based upon the good will which we have developed by 'governing well' in our first three and one-half years as Prosecutor."

He added, "We clearly cannot afford complacency at this late date. I would sincerely appreciate your financial assistance now to help us close strong in this campaign."

Just 84 days remain until Election Day.


Paul K. Ogden said...

"Since then, Curry has been working to restore a sense of dignity to the office..."

Well, if he's tried to do that he has failed remarkably. The dropped Omnisource felony prosecution in return for $$$ kind of put his office on the wrong path and it's never recovered. As I've pointed out before, Curry has greatly expanded civil forfeiture far beyond how it was used under Brizzi.

johnnystir said...

If you don't see that he's restored the office to pre-Brizzi levels at least, then you aren't looking.

Anonymous said...

Walker will eat Curry alive just on his plea record….His title should not be Marion County Prosecutor,,it should be Marion Plea Bargainer. It's too bad that Merchant can't raise funds…Curry is a nice man,,but he is too easy on these animals.