Friday, August 22, 2014

Charter School Closing Especially Messy for Students

Another charter school disaster is taking place in Indianapolis, and it's a true mess.  It's even messier for students.

Over allegations of academic dishonesty and cheating, Flanner House School is closing in less than one month leaving the children to make the painful transition mid-year to another school.

I just can't imagine this is what is best for students.  In fact, I know it's not.  Elementary school-age children need stability and compassion.  They don't need to be caught in the middle of a cheating scandal.

If you ever had to move schools in the middle of a year, it was devastating.  I never did, but I remember some of the friends I had in school that did have to make the move.  Leaving behind friends and trusted teachers was brutal.

Mayor Greg Ballard's Office was in charge of Flanner House School's charter.  It was the Mayor who was in charge of oversight, and it was his office that investigated the school along with the State of Indiana.  From what I read, both of those entities allowed the school to open this year even as an ongoing investigation continued.

There should be a state law that states that a school that's caught in a scandal like this cannot simply shut down in the middle of the school year.  If that's not possible, then a school caught with testing irregularities or serious questions surrounding its academics should not be allowed to open to students unless the questions are answered.  As for now, parents and students are left searching for other educational options.

It should be noticed that Flanner House School and Flanner House, Inc. are two separate entities.

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