Monday, August 11, 2014

CBS to Move to WTTV Jan. 1

The local media world was turned upside down today with the news that WISH-TV, the CBS affiliate in town for over 60 years, had lost its affiliation to WTTV.  CBS divided its channel number in half...from 8 to 4.

That means that in just four months, WTTV will have to assemble, from scratch, an entire news operation and WISH will be scrambling to fill hours of now network programming as well as cope with the loss of most Indianapolis Colts games.

To say today's news was a shock is an understatement.  It came out of nowhere.  

The Indianapolis Business Journal wrote this excellent piece on the transition that will take place on January 1.  It's a real bum deal for the current folks at WISH-TV.  They can't simply jump ship to channel 4.  They likely have contracts and non-compete clauses that will keep them locked to channel 8 and then off the air for months.  

It's good news for folks like Chris Wright who was unceremoniously shown the door at WTHR months ago.  He can now reemerge with his popularity and become the face perhaps of a new WTTV news team.  

Local news makes big bucks for affiliates.  It's hard to imagine what everyone at channel 8 must be feeling right now.  LIN-TV, the owner of channel 8, will certainly have to put something in place between now and the end of the year to figure out just what they will do.

This was certainly something I didn't think I'd be blogging on this week.

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