Thursday, August 7, 2014

Buttigieg's Afghanistan

Mayor Pete Buttigieg
Lt. Pete Buttigieg
Photo from Facebook
Buttigieg in Afghanistan
Photo from Facebook
If you've been lucky enough to be a Facebook friend of one Indiana Mayor over the last few months, you've gotten a good look inside what's going on in Afghanistan and what it's like to serve in the U.S. Military there.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has been posting some amazing pictures on his Facebook page from his deployment in Afghanistan.  The Mayor is over halfway through his deployment, and we continue to wish for his safe and sound return here.

Photo from Buttigieg's Facebook
Buttigieg's pictures have been absolutely spectacular giving his friends, family and constituents back in the States a very unique perspective from the eyes of a soldier deployed overseas.  It's also been a chance to see a different side of the Mayor who is also a Lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve.  His pictures are often humorous with funny descriptions.  They also are quite touching.  Buttigieg gave his camera to a few local youngsters who took some really amazing selfies.  Their eyes...big and broad...seem every bit as full of dreams as American counterparts that are their age.  I highly recommend following him if you do not already do so.

When Buttigieg returns, he will have to hit the ground running from a political perspective.  As Mayor, he will be picking up where he left off when he was deployed.  He will also be favored to win reelection in South Bend should he decide to give it a go in his second term in 2015.  The future is also bright for the Mayor should he decide to pursue other offices statewide in the future.  

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