Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bayh Says He's Still Unlikely to Run for Governor...Again

Evan Bayh
Leslie Weidenbener, a reporter from the Indianapolis Star penned an article saying former Indiana Governor Evan Bayh is unlikely to make 2016 like 1988 all over again and try to win the Governor's Office back for the Democrats.  He made his comments on John Krull's no limits radio talk show on WFYI, according to the Star writer.

No surprise.

The former Governor and U.S. Senator has said a run was "less likely than more likely" from the beginning.  He still is holding out until after Labor Day for a final decision.  My question is...why?  Why does Bayh need a little more time to keep potential gubernatorial candidates at bey?  Again, like I've said before, just make a decision, Mr. Bayh.

I admire candidates like John Gregg who continue to keep the foot mashed to the floor on a possible 2016 run.  He hasn't let up on his attacks on Mike Pence.  It's clear that Gregg isn't letting Bayh's indecision stop him from trying to win the office he nearly won in 2012.

What's also clear is that some part of him wants to get back in the game.  Unlike Elizabeth Warren, who keeps avoiding talk of a 2016 run like the plague, Bayh has entertained questions and has remained ambivalent enough to keep the attention of possible 2016 office seekers.  He has millions of dollars in his campaign account, and, if he's going to do it, this is the time as he approaches the age of 60.  For some politicians, they are just now beginning their careers.  Bayh has already had his.

Bayh may have a place in Indiana politics.  He may even have a place nationally in the future.  Many speculate that Hillary Clinton might select him as a running mate should she win the nomination in 2016 for President.

We'll see how long this goes after Labor Day

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