Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ballard Snaps At Another Local TV Anchor

Greg Ballard snapped on WTHR's John Stehr last night during a live interview on National Night Out.

The Mayor was clearly expecting a softball tossed underhand when Stehr tossed him a baseball overhand on the inside corner.  Still, the Mayor needed just to deflect the ball to foul territory for his at-bat to continue.  Instead, he whiffed badly and struck out.

The situation?  Stehr said that a candidate for Mayor (not even identifying Joe Hogsett) had criticized Ballard's record on crime and said that he wasn't doing enough.  Before extolling the aspects of his crime plan, Ballard responded to Stehr by saying something to the effect of, "I don't know who that (candidate) is, by the way.  I'm too busy trying to solve the problem."

It was another snappy and snarky answer from a Mayor who is becoming pretty much known for them when anyone attacks his record.  You'd figure that a man who perhaps will soon be embarking on a campaigning for a third-term in office would be able to deflect a question like Stehr's without being nasty.

The only explanation I have is that Greg Ballard is defensive and feels attacked from all sides.  Instead of deflecting criticism or simply sidestepping it, Ballard's defense mechanisms kick in.  It's not attractive.

It will be up to the Democratic nominee for Mayor to keep Ballard off balance during this 2015 campaign.

It happened again on Wednesday!  Amos Brown reports here.

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