Friday, August 8, 2014

Ballard Focusing Negative Attacks on Hogsett

Mayor Ballard
Now that Joe Hogsett is in the race for Mayor of Indianapolis it appears that he has the attention of one Greg Ballard.

So far, those surrounding the Mayor are trying to smear Hogsett's record and portray him as a career politician just looking for his next opportunity.  It's a pretty light case against Hogsett, and it really doesn't hold much water.  It will be easy for a skilled politician with a strong campaign team to simply pivot the political attacks right back at the Mayor.  

Joe Hogsett
To me, it seems odd to be expending this much effort this early in the coordination of negative talking points against someone simply exploring a run for Mayor especially when there's so much governing left to do in Indianapolis.  

The Republicans seem to be running concerned.  There has been no magnanimous statements of welcome for Hogsett.  Nope, the GOP has gone negative on Joe Hogsett at the outset.  It's an aggressive strategy that won't work.    

There is plenty in Greg Ballard's record for a potential Joe Hogsett campaign to exploit.  Ballard has raised taxes, raised fees, spent money recklessly, signed bad contracts and personnel deals, failed the test on keeping public safety job one, and that's just the start.  Ballard also has shown repeatedly that he has no desire to answer for his record and in recent days has grown more snippy with those questioning that record.  

We know now that the 2015 election cycle is going to be long, nasty, and expensive.  Ballard has left plenty of room in the race for an opposing candidate that can raise money, fight hard, and persevere.  I would argue that the difficult races Joe Hogsett has run in the past for Secretary of State, House, Senate, and Attorney General have prepared him for this moment.  

They say that everything happens for a reason.

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