Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Resolution to Stop Coal Burning at Harding Street Station Moves On

IPL's Harding Street Station
The City-County Council's Community Affairs Committee heard the proposal for a resolution that would urge IPL to stop burning coal by 2020.

In front of a packed house, the committee heard from residents and interest groups across Marion County.  IPL also had a chance to speak about its efforts to clean up pollution in the community.

Last Monday, a bi-partisan group of City-County Councillors announced efforts to bring the use of coal to an end at the IPL plant. Republican Jefferson Shreve, who sits on the Community Affairs Committee, voted no last night as the four at-large Democrats (Zach Adamson, John Barth, Pam Hickman, Leroy Robinson) voted yes passing the resolution on to the full Council by a 4-1 vote.The proposal for the resolution will now be debated in front of the full City-County Council.

Environmental activist group, the Sierra Club, released the results of a poll that was conducted in Marion County of voters.  Sixty-nine percent of those polled support the end the use of coal and improvement of the air and water quality in Indianapolis.  Even 51 percent of Republicans are on board, according to the poll of 400 registered voters.

Shreve voted against the proposal saying that it had no teeth and he did not believe it was feasible for IPL to phase out coal in the timetable given in the resolution.  Adamson rebutted Shreve's justification for voting against passing the resolution out of committee.  Councillor Jeff Miller had a prior commitment and couldn't attend the committee meeting. and fellow Republican Christine Scales was absent as well leaving the vote on party lines.

It should be noted that this is just a resolution.  IPL is not compelled to do anything, and they pretty much said they weren't in the hearing last night.  Fred Mills of IPL said, "If this Council wants to pass a resolution asking IPL to stop burning coal by 2020, that is YOUR prerogative."  He added emphasis on YOUR as if to say, come at us...if you dare.

Off to the full Council for this one!

Please the comments section for an update from Councillor Scales on her removal from the Community Affairs Committee.  The City-County Council's website is incorrect on the membership of the committee.  I regret the error.


CES said...

I no longer serve on the Community Affairs Committee. Councillors Moriarty Adams and Hunter demanded that I be stripped of all committee assignments for having the audacity to question the ethics of a revised smoke detector ordinance written by the lobbyists of a smoke detector company and which was crafted without any input from the city's fire chief. I also had the nerve to question the receipt of hundreds of free smoke detectors by IFD and Hunter's employer, Butler University from said smoke detector manufacturer during the time this proposed ordinance was being deliberated. My other failing was to point out false testimony provided by a U.L representative during a Public Safety Meeting on the smoke detector ordinance. Once U.L's lie was revealed, a request was made and honored to have their testimony stricken from the minutes of the meeting. Something I also questioned. Due to the grace of President Lewis, I was allowed to remain on the Public Safety Committee and was stripped of my other assignments-Community Affairs and Parks and Recreation Committee. I stayed at the C/A meeting as long as I could before leaving to attend a neighborhood meeting I had already committed myself to. Christine Scales

CES said...

To clarify my previous comment. Even though I no longer serve on the C/A Committee, I attended last evening's meeting to be as informed as possible and use the opportunity to ask questions and make comments as needed.
Christine Scales

Anonymous said...

What a joke this is..Coal employees how many thousands of Hoosiers and you want to take away their jobs? I love it when the progressives are so socially pure that they are the only ones that are right. Lets put even more folks out of work, thats just more votes for Zack

johnnystir . said...

I apologize, Councillor Scales. The City-County Council's website is incorrect. It still lists you as a member.

Anonymous...this is a non-binding resolution. No one's losing any jobs unless IPL actually does anything about this. Judging by the attitude of Mr. Mills...that's not likely.

IndyDem said...

Jon Thanks for this. Wanted to expand. Christine isnt on the committee but was replaces by Jose Evans. Evans and Miller, both Republicans are also Co-sponsors of this resolution. Had they been able to make the meeting, the vote would have been 6 to 1
Just a side note.