Monday, July 28, 2014

Palin Launches Own TV Channel...No Joke

"Preparing Turkeys" with Sarah Palin...
only on The Sarah Palin Channel.
As if there wasn't enough crap on the internet, there's one more outlet.  Hockey moms rejoice.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is launching her own internet television station, according to the Associated Press.  

According to the report, Palin will oversee the network content and will also aim directly for her own supporters by contributing her own personal political commentary.  You know...avoiding the filter of the "mainstream media" and going directly to her supporters on her channel.

The former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate will remain as an analyst with Fox News Channel, according to the AP.  

I won't be subscribing to the channel that will set you back about $10 a month.  I guess that means I must wonder if all the programming will stop halfway through it's scheduled airtime. 

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Veracity said...

Imagine that you are John McCain, knowing that the legacy you will be remembered for, despite years of service to this country and being a POW in Vietnam, is introducing the country to Sarah Palin. And that legacy just keeps growing . . .