Friday, July 18, 2014

My View: Ballard Will Run for Third Term

Mayor Greg Ballard
I'll say it here.  I disagree with my good friend Paul Ogden.  Paul thinks that if Joe Hogsett enter's the Mayor's race that Ballard won't run for reelection.  As for me, I believe there's absolutely no way Greg Ballard doesn't run for Mayor in 2015.

Ballard gives Republicans their last best chance to keep the office.  While he doesn't owe the Republican Party anything as they did not support him in 2007, I just can't imagine what's left of the Marion County Republican Party will let him walk away.  He's excellent as a fundraiser, and people like him.

That's why he keeps winning.  Despite his propensity to make some really bad ideas reality, Ballard is a bit like a teflon candidate.  Nothing sticks to him.

When his high dollar campaign contributors get contracts with the city, it doesn't stick.  When people in his administration get indicted, it doesn't stick.  When he recklessly spends city money on pet projects, it doesn't stick.  When he admits dodging the Council because he knows it will take some heavy lifting and some compromise to get his proposal done, it doesn't stick to him.  Bart Peterson and Melina Kennedy found out that running the wrong campaign against Greg Ballard sends you to defeat.  It's up to Frank Short, Ed Delaney, or Joe Hogsett (if he runs) to make it stick.

If Ballard decides to not run for reelection, he's leaving with the job undone.  He told us for seven years now that public safety is job one.  With our city in the midst of a crime wave, the last thing a Marine is known for is running away.  Since it's such a part of his brand, I don't think Ballard will do that.  I think he will try to make the case that he's the man to solve the problem.

I clearly disagree with that notion, but that's another blog post.  I see Ballard running for a third term, but, like Bart Peterson before him, third time won't be a charm.


Anonymous said...

Marines-there are the Marines who are trained to fight it out in the trenches, who live the code of honor, integrity and courage. Then there are the desk Marines. They push papers around and process the orders of the "fighting"Marines. Ballard was and is a "desk" Marine. The oaths he took to uphold the character codes to live by look good on paper, sound good when expressed but don't have to be acted upon or died for, because again, he was and remains, a "desk" Marine. The code he says he lives by rings hollow because in his life they never really had to be tested. That is why he can abdicate his authority to the power hungry vultures that surround him and be relegated to cutting ribbons and giving inelegant speeches at civic events.

johnnystir . said...

Your comment is pretty brutal, but it loses punch because you didn't put your name to it.

Anonymous said...

Why does the 1st poster have to put his name out there to somehow validate his comments? Every opinion of his is shared by 99 percent of IMPD....and every former Marine I know.