Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mayor Ballard Contradicts Candidate Ballard on Crime Plan

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard released his plan to fight crime in Indianapolis.  In the plan, Ballard wants to increase the number of police on the street, provide more educational opportunities, increase funding for the Prosecutor's Office and the courts, and raise our taxes to do it.

The Mayor's plan is pretty remarkable...especially when you consider that he's been, at one time or another, against almost every plank in it.

Ballard has had ample opportunities, without raising our taxes, to spend our money more wisely in this city.  Instead of recklessly putting city dollars out for Super Bowl bids and a World Sports Park, we could have been hiring more police and addressing some of the other issues.

The Mayor's plan seems comprehensive, and I can imagine that the City-County Council will go over it in its entirety.  Usually, there's some sort of plan crafted by the Council and then there will be a compromised plan that meets in the middle.  Ballard's plan warrants some scrutiny given his wanton spending for superfluous items in the past.  I'd like to know, for example, if we couldn't get more bang for our buck utilizing current programs in Marion County schools to prevent suspensions and expulsions.

What is clear that Mayor Ballard of 2014 would disagree with candidate Greg Ballard of 2007 who said that he could solve our crime issues, add 750 officers, and do it all without asking for more of our money.

Ballard's supporters launched this ad supporting his 2007 Mayoral run.  Makes you wonder what they would think of him some seven years later.

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