Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hogsett Hubbub Returns

U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett
For a man who isn't running for anything, everybody seems to be talking about one man in Democratic circles.

Joe Hogsett, the U.S. Attorney, continues to be the most talked-about candidate at any Democrat event, and, if you believe the blatant rumor and innuendo, he might not be done running for Mayor of Indianapolis like we thought he was.

A few months back, Hogsett said he would not be a candidate for the office.  Many Democrats were disappointed, but they understood that Hogsett has a great job right now that he might not want to give up.  His job is assured through at least the 2016 elections.  If Hillary Clinton were to win the Presidency, Hogsett could be set for another eight years.  Hogsett has a great relationship with the Clintons, and U.S. Attorneys all serve at the pleasure of the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Hogsett's initial pass came well before the current crisis of public safety in the city.  When Dan Parker stepped away from running for the Mayor's office, he said that he thought the next Mayor of Indianapolis should have a background in public safety.  Neither Frank Short nor Ed Delaney have that background.  Given that, past columns by Matt Tully, and the whispers at fundraisers or get togethers, the rumor mill has kicked in to overdrive.

I think there's a good chance that Hogsett is going to run for Greg Ballard's seat, but I also think there's a good chance that he won't.  Things are too important right now for Democrats to wait.  We have two viable candidates in the race who will challenge Mayor Ballard.  We will all know soon if Hogsett is running because in order to run, he will have to resign from his U.S. Attorney slot.  That means he holds all the cards, and we won't know for sure that he's running until we know for sure that he's changed his mind and he's running.

Therefore, I'm moving forward with the status quo until it's no longer the status quo.  There are two entries in the race for the Democratic nomination.


Anonymous said...

Evan Bayh good God! That is the last person you should want back in as Governor! He is nothing but a party hack who has coasted through life on his Daddy's name! Also the reason he pulled out of reelection was because he would have been clobbered had he run! I think we need to elect either Jon Easter, Paul Ogden or Gary Welsh for Governor! Enough with the Bayh's, Daniels, and Pence triumvairate of corruption!

Anonymous said...

Is Hogsett is really interested?

Or is Tully trying to whip it up because unlike many politicians, Hogsett will actually speak to Tully?

We've seen Tully write these columns before, where all that is missing is the orgasm. It's another reason not to read the Star.