Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy Trails...The JohnnyStir Show on IndianaTalks.com

Well, that's that.

Last night, I ended my run as a talk show host on IndianaTalks.com.  The Johnnystir Show on Indiana Talks has aired its last program.  So, that's it.  After close to 75 shows, many guests, and some great fun, it's amazing to say that it's all over.

Obviously, I have to hand out some big thank yous.  I want to thank the man behind the curtain, Gary Snyder, for allowing me to do the show.  I also want to thank my most frequent guests/partners in crime, Chris Jackson, Matt Stone, and Steve Terrell.  All of them have helped me out tremendously with their views and opinions and have made things extremely interesting.

I also want to thank Patora Fine Jewelers at 6010 W. 86th Street for their support of the show.  Patora has been a partner since nearly the beginning, and their financial backing of the program kept us on the air.

You know, I never had done a long form talk radio show based on news and information.  Everything I had done in radio prior had been either the normal radio DJ shift-type radio, play-by-play of sporting events, or sports talk.  This experience expanded my horizons and showed me that I could do more than just spin tunes or call a game.

I have so many amazing memories from the short time the show was on the air.  It's hard for me to underline just one show that stands out.  I have many favorites.  I think we, as a show team, were able to bring a lot of issues to the internet airwaves and I hope that we made a difference.

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't thank all the fans of the program.  I know there were a lot of folks that would listen to the show or tune in on the podcast.  I appreciate everything.  Without you, there would not have been an audience to talk to, so I appreciate inviting me into your homes or onto your tablets or your ear buds.

The blog isn't going anywhere.  I'll still be plugging away here.  Thanks for your continued support!

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