Monday, July 21, 2014

Didn't More Eyes, Police on Streets Help Keep Indy Safe on Saturday?

The Ballard Administration and its defenders keep telling folks in Indianapolis that the answer to less crime and safer streets is not more police officers on the streets.  Their actions, on the other hand, say something different.

Take this past weekend for example, Indiana Black Expo's second Saturday again went off without a hitch downtown, and that's honestly a tribute to the entire public safety community and, yes, even Greg Ballard's Administration.  

There was a police officer, make that officers, on practically every block downtown.  Downtown was blanketed with police officers, and they were ready to respond to anything that might develop to prevent what happened in 2010 from happening again.  Downtown was safe because the peacekeepers, excellent organizations like the Ten Point Coalition and others kept it that way.  The good people of this city should be commended as well.  It was a team effort, but I would say more eyeballs on the streets of downtown and good police work help keep the city safe.

Now, we can't blanket every inch of this city with a police officer.  That's true.  Good police work will never prevent every crime from happening.  If there are more eyes on the street...if there are more people working on prevention...more police out there walking the beat...doesn't it stand to reason that crime might go down?  Isn't it a major part of the equation?  Just wondering.  

What do you think, Mr. Mayor? 

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