Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Democratic Field Coming Into Focus for Mayor's Race in 2015

Ed Delaney
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Much has happened with the race for Indy Mayor in the last few days.

One candidate jumped in the pool and another took his water wings and went home.

First thing's first, Ed Delaney confirmed to Brian Howey that he would run for Mayor in 2015 while running for reelection to his seat in the Indiana House in 2014.  Abdul teased it in on Indy Politics on Saturday, and it was confirmed by Monday.  It wasn't really that big of a secret, though.  Most knew that Ed was heavily considering a run.

Speculation about Delaney's future began during the debate over what would become Senate Enrolled Act 621.

Back on April 4, 2013, I wrote:
State Representative Ed Delaney said today during the debate on Senate Bill 621 that the bill is "a life-altering bill for me." 
He said that people keep telling him he should run for Mayor of Indianapolis, and that it is something he honestly didn't think about doing. Today, in public, he said he now is because the added power of the Mayor's Office that would be granted under Senate Bill 621 would make it a much more desirable position. 
Delaney spoke out strongly against the power-grabbing bill saying that he thinks he is about the only Democrat to help Mayor Greg Ballard on some things in the state legislature carrying through some of his agenda items. He also said that he likes the Mayor and often bicycles with him. He paused and then said this, "I AM DONE with the Mayor on this bill." 
Whether he was making a rhetorical point or not, we now add Delaney into the Mayoral Marathon for 2015.
When Delaney was on my radio show a few months back, I asked him about the potential for a run, and he said he was "capable" of running for Mayor, but he enjoyed being in the General Assembly and would be seeking advice regarding his future.  The calculus makes sense for him right now.

Delaney, who has no opponent for reelection to his House seat, can use the rest of this year to lay much of the groundwork he's going to need to lay for a credible run in 2015.  He will continue to serve his constituents while campaigning for both Mayor and House.  He won't need any more money for his House race, so he can raise all the cash he can for a Mayoral campaign now.  You'd figure he's going to need a lot of resources.  2015 will be a long session of the General Assembly, so that will be a haul for Delaney especially if he continues to have a primary opponent.

Dan Parker
Delaney is in.  Frank Short is in.  Dan Parker is out.

Parker, the former Indiana Democratic Party Chairman, said he considered a run, but he passed this time.  "I have a vision for our city to reach its post-Unigov potential, but I simply do not have a background in public safety," said Parker in a news release.  "I believe our next Mayor should have strong public safety experience in order to bring peace to the streets."  Parker said he might run for office in the future.

That leads us back to Joe Hogsett.  Not to alarm Delaney or Short, but Parker's comments on the next Mayor and public safety make you wonder if he's setting the table for the U.S. Attorney to sweep in.  Stranger things have happened, and we won't know anything until it happens because Hogsett can't say a thing about it until he is no longer U.S. Attorney due to the non-political nature of the office.

Delaney and Short move forward from here.  We've yet to hear official word on Ballard's 2015 plans, but all indications are that he's running.


LamLawIndy said...

Of course, as a Republican, I'm not voting in the Dem primary & will vote for Mayor Ballard in 2015 because I think that over all, he's done a good job (budget, sale of water company). I will say this, though: Frank Short is a natural politician, with charisma and a disposition for kissing babies & shaking hands that I've rarely witnessed among other pols. Those on the Dem side that believe him to be a darkhorse or underdog do so at their own peril. For that matter, those on the GOP side who believe him to be a lighweight must reconsider lest they underestimate a potential opponent.

johnnystir . said...

I have written about Frank before on the blog. It's been widely known that he's in the race. That's why I didn't say much here in this piece. I see the Democratic Primary as open with Delaney as the early favorite. Still a long way to go to slating and then the May Primary in 2015. If Hogsett jumps in, he becomes the Democratic frontrunner.

johnnystir . said...

I like Frank Short very much. I've gotten to know him over the past few months. He's a very smart man with a lot of qualifications for the job. I just don't know how he plays countywide. Delaney, who has a much higher profile as a state rep., is more well-known across the county.

Anonymous said...

We need a fresh. dynamic person to challenge Ballard. DeLaney definitely is not it.

Anonymous said...

For heavens sakes do not run Ed Delaney for Mayor! Just read these following posts. Delaney has some serious questions to answer!