Saturday, July 26, 2014

An Open Letter to Evan Bayh

Evan Bayh
Dear Evan Bayh,
Hope all is well with you, Susan, and the boys.

I'm writing you in this open letter to ask you a couple of things and to provide you with some advice...not that you need it, but I think it's important someone say it.  I hope you don't mind that our friends here that read this blog see what I am about to say.

First of all, I'm glad you haven't ruled out a run for Governor.  Obviously, if you've read this blog before, you know that I have my problems with your politics.  On the whole, I think you're a good person, and, while I think your record as a U.S. Senator was far more conservative than I would have liked, you were a great Governor.  I think that your record as Governor is far better than that of anyone that's succeeded you in the office, and I think you would be perfect for the job again.  You have shown the ability to raise money and win elections more than perhaps any other Democrat in the history of Indiana politics.

All of that said, I was disappointed when you walked away from the Senate seat.  It wasn't so much that you retired, but it was how you did it.  You did not give Democrats a chance to shop around and find the right candidate.  We may well have settled on Brad Ellsworth, but your timetable in walking away really set him up to fail.  I don't believe he was a perfect candidate for that office, but I ended up voting for him.  I think we would have had a different Senator had he won that race than Dan Coats has been.

That's why I'm writing you now.  If you truly love Indiana, please decide soon what your future in this state's politics will be.  If you want to pass on running for Governor, that's fine.  Please announce you will not be running now and allow those that are interested in the job to come out of the woodwork and for the political process to take its course.  If you want to run for Governor, please give us more than just a, "I haven't ruled it out."  Let us know what you're thinking.  We don't want to hear, "It's less likely than more likely."  These kinds of comments keep good candidates from stepping on your very powerful toes if they are interested in running.

Should you run, you can count on my support.  What the Republican Party has done to education in this state is enough to provide you with thousands of votes from teachers across this state.  With Right to Work and other issues out there, you should not have any trouble with your base.  With Republicans like my mother crossing over to vote for you again, it will be a landslide.

Should you not run, you can also count on my support.  While I disagree with your decision to become a lobbyist and (see update) a Fox News contributor, I can still get behind whatever you choose to do in the future.  If Hillary Clinton should choose you for a cabinet position or even to be her Vice Presidential candidate should she run in 2016, I will support you 100 percent.

What I will not support is this continued flirting with Indiana politics.  It's time to make a definitive decision on your future or to give some sort of more definite signal of what you might do.  If you keep your toe in the pool too long, it will further separate you from a political base that should love you.  It will tarnish whatever legacy you wish to leave here.  Please, don't wait too long.  You can only get stood up at the altar so many times.  Don't do that to Indiana Democrats again, please.

Again, thanks for your longtime service to the Hoosier State, and I hope that we'll all hear your future plans soon.

Best of luck,
Jon E. Easter

A political insider familiar with Bayh sent me an e-mail today (7/31/14) telling me that Bayh is not a lobbyist nor has he registered as one.  I regret the error, and I have made the correction.

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Anonymous said...

Bayh is a political leach who sucks blood from the people he is supposed to represent. The State of Indiana under, Bayh set up the conditions for the corporate, crony capitalist state fully ushered in by Mitch Daniels.

While I agree with the overall sentiment of the blog, and Bayh should make a decision forthwith, another eight years of a Bayh governorship seems more likely than not to extend the bad policies of Daniels and Pence than to change direction.