Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Adamson Elevated to Chair of Public Works Committee

Councillor Zach Adamson
Photo from indy.gov
City-County Councillor Zach Adamson announced on his Facebook page this morning that he had been offered and had accepted the Chair of the Public Works Committee of the City-County Council.

On a personal note, as someone that sat on Adamson’s campaign committee and has seen his political career move from neighborhood activist to City-County Councillor, I could not be more thrilled. Zach has worked hard for this position, and it’s a big moment for him and for many in the community.

Adamson has drawn bi-partisan praise for his work on the Council. He certainly has a point of view, but he also has been one of the most dogged advocates for neighborhood issues along with a handful of other Councillors. In short, it’s not just me that has seen what an awesome Councillor he has been.

From a political standpoint, this is not good news for Mayor Greg Ballard. Vernon Brown was the previous Chair of the committee. Brown, a former majority leader on the Council, is the favorite to be elected Warren Township Trustee in November. Brown did an admirable job as the Chair of this committee, but Adamson’s knowledge of Marion County as an At-Large Councillor and his advocacy for neighborhoods not only on the Near Eastside but all around Indy will be welcome in the position.

It’s an especially critical position as the Council continues to debate Mayor Ballard’s infrastructure plan vs. the infrastructure plan the Democrats on the Council have proposed. With a couple of swing votes on the Council in Brian Mahern and Christine Scales, the work that the Public Works Committee does will certainly be critical.

I wish the best of luck to Adamson as he takes on this new challenge. He’s going to need it!

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