Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Simpson's Departure Hurts WIBC

What I Look Like after a Week of Listening
to the Chicks on the Right
With Steve Simpson out at WIBC, I got to thinking.  There's now not one trusted straight-down-the-middle voice there for news.

I tried to find a list of their current news reporters, but it's impossible to find on the website.  There seems to be a movement to hide straight news reporting.  Coupled with what the IBJ said about Simpson's departure from the station, it appears WIBC may finally be moving to the right completely and becoming Tea Party Radio.

That means we can expect severe weather outbreak coverage from the Chicks on the Right?

Mock:  Oh my, this severe storm here is just coming through.
Daisy:  Yeah, that National Weather Service just issued a tornado warning.
Mock:  Take cover, ya'll.
Daisy:  Yeah, y'all.  Take cover.
Mock:  ERMEGERD y'all, it's really rainin' hard.
Daisy:  And there's this hail.  Y'all.  Real hail.
Mock:  There's no awesomesauce on this storm.
Daisy:  Y'all take cover.

I think we'll miss Steve, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Was very disheartened to hear this news when I returned to town last weekend.

Pat Sullivan and Dick Crum better watch out - they aren't spouting enough rhetoric to keep their weekend jobs.

Good grief - Abdul is actually the most reasoned one there. :)

WIBC is no longer a preset on my car radio.

MyHarpoon said...

Sometimes I tune in to the Chicks and guess how much vodka they had at lunch. OMG. They're cray.

Anonymous said...

Are the Chicks still columnists in The Star? I wondered how long that would last as I downgraded my subscription from every day to 2x a week. Don't think I've seen them since, but your know, I have a little blind spot. Enjoying less paper clutter around the house, though.