Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rebuild Indy 2 Plan To Be Co-Sponsored By Mahern

Brian Mahern
Our good friends over at have learned that City-County Council Democrat Brian Mahern, a former Vice President of the body, has decided to co-sponsor the Mayor Greg Ballard's Rebuild Indy 2 plan.  This comes just a day after Democrats announced the "Fix Our Neighborhoods Now" plan.

The editor-in-chief over there at Indy Politics, Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, gave it full "Fox News Alert" kind of status posting it across social media on his various channels.  Thing is...the only person surprised by this move is probably Abdul-Hakim Shabazz.

While it's certainly possible that Mahern believes Mayor Ballard's plan is the best for the city, Brian Mahern has been on the outs with his own caucus for months.  He tried unsuccessfully to work with members of the Republican caucus to stage a full out revolt against Council President Maggie Lewis, so he's been persona non grata from his caucus since.  This is a perfect chance to join up with his former nemesis, Mayor Greg Ballard, to stick it to the D's.  There was a time not too long ago that Mahern was seen as a possible Democratic candidate for Mayor.

There's a Republican who has found herself in a very similar situation as Mahern.  That's Christine Scales.  Whatever plan she decides to go with could be the one adopted by the Council.  

If I know Scales, she will look at both plans and decide which one is best for the city as well as listen to her constituency.  Seems to me that would be the Democrats' plan, but it's clearly up to her.  She won't make a decision to purely stick it to her caucus, but, if her decision does stick it to her own caucus, so be it.  I have a higher degree of confidence in Scales to make a non-political decision than Mahern.

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