Monday, June 9, 2014

GOP Leaves Fort Wayne with Unwanted Attention

The Indiana Republican Party went to Fort Wayne for its convention this year, and they brought a lot of attention to the second-largest city in Indiana.

Two things were expected.

The civil war over the party's platform developed and got kind of nasty.  Despite the work of many moderate Republicans, the GOP insisted on passing a platform supporting marriage between one man and one woman.  In 2012, the Republican platform omitted marriage altogether.

The other expected attention grabber was the fight for the Treasurer of State nomination.  Unlike the Democratic convention where it was smooth sailing for Mike Boland, it was anything but for establishment candidate Wayne Seybold.  The Marion Mayor succeeded in vanquishing Don Bates, Jr., but Bates may have won the war when some of his delegates got behind Kelly Mitchell, a member of Richard Mourdock's staff.  Mitchell won the nomination completing a ticket of all female candidates on the Indiana Republican statewide ticket.  Mitchell joins Connie Lawson and Suzanne Crouch on the ticket.  Lawson and Crouch were unopposed for Secretary of State and Auditor, respectively.

Finally, the unwanted attention came from Mourdock.  In his speech to the delegates, Mourdock compared the current state of the United States to that of Germany before the Nazi takeover.  According to the Indianapolis Star, Mourdock's speech received a standing ovation from the crowd.  That's ultimately the saddest part of the story.  Tim Berry, the GOP Chairman, later would back away from Mourdock's comments.

With the disharmoniousness behind them, the Republicans now have to come back together to hold off a united Democratic ticket intent on winning statewide office and picking up seats in the Indiana House and Senate.

Should be quite a race.  One final note to Berry.  Please keep allowing Mourdock to speak at your party functions.  In fact, let him be the keynote speaker for every Lincoln Day dinner you can find!

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Elizabeth said...

They have forgotten how to punch hard – not necessarily in ads, but in doing mano a mano. Here are just three examples from the last several years of how Republicans have blown tremendous opportunities that were virtually handed to them gift-wrapped by various agents of the Democrat Party