Friday, June 6, 2014

Donnelly Delivering on Hoosier Common Sense Promise

Senator Joe Donnelly
At Saturday's Indiana Democratic Party Convention, Senator Joe Donnelly was making the rounds from caucus room to caucus room.

When he got to the 7th District caucus room, he was not greeted with golf claps.  Senator Donnelly got a standing ovation from the room.  It's a clear indication of the job he's doing as U.S. Senator from Indiana.

Donnelly spoke of the things he's working on in Washington.  He talked briefly about his current bill that is moving through Congress to help curb military suicides.  On the House side, Congressman Andre Carson got a bill through Congress addressing mental health of our fighting men and women, so it's good to see the Indiana delegation taking on the cause.

Besides the mental health issues of our soldiers, Donnelly has also taken an interest in curbing violence in our cities holding two meetings last week in Indianapolis.

Most of all, Donnelly was there to thank the delegates for the work that got him into the Senate.  He talked about the strong work of his supporters at the grass roots and how their support (with a little help from Richard Mourdock) pushed him over the top.

Yes, Donnelly has evolved on many issues and has moved even to the left on some.  He's now a strong supporter of marriage equality, and he confirmed that with his convention speech.  Republicans will attack him for his support of the President's Affordable Care Act, but he's taken steps to support the repeal the parts of the bill that hurt those Hoosier companies that make medical equipment.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that even though I don't agree with Senator Donnelly still on every issue, I've become a much more ardent supporter of him.  I would have to think he enjoys high approval ratings in the state, and his prospects for reelection over anyone the Republicans might throw at him in 2018 seem pretty solid right now.

Bottom line...Joe Donnelly has been a pleasant surprise as Senator Joe Donnelly, and I hope he keeps up the good work.

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wayne moss said...

Sen. Donnelly has yet to take a stand against carbon pollution. While the issues you highlight are important, the most critical issue of our time is continued use of fossil fuels. More than 80% of Indiana's electricity is produced by coal-fired plants which are for the most part more than 40 years old, past their efficient use. Money from the fossil fuel industry rules among our elected officials. EPA regs must be implemented in Indiana. Our state must meet the mandate, and has the freedom under the regs to do just that in a creative and innovative manner. Sen. Donnelly to this point has not been a leader. As a devout Catholic, the Senator should pay attention to the numerous pronouncements of the Church on this issue, which agree and promote the fact of man-made climate change. Senator Donnelly has one more step to make, the most important of all.