Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dems force Mayor into Compromise on Rebuild Indy II

Democrats won the first battle over Mayor Greg Ballard's Rebuild Indy II plan.

The Indianapolis Mayor announced that he had retooled the plan by knocking $50 million off of it and shortening the term of the planned bonds from 30 to 20 years.  Both are big steps in the right direction.  Now, I'm anxious to see what the Democrats propose.

In my view, the biggest sticking point with the Mayor's first plan was the length of the bonds.  Park improvements, sidewalk repairs, and road and street repairs made now would not theoretically be paid off for 30 years.  If you think of how often some of those things are repaired or updated, you might be paying for something that had to be redone.

Councillor Jeff Miller pointed out to me on Twitter that many of the projects on the Mayor's list were neighborhood projects and streets that see less travel than main thoroughfares.  Streets that typically last 20 years without improvement.

The biggest thing I see in the plan is the dreaded "C" word.  Compromise!  We'll see what the Democrats have to offer when they release their plan soon.

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