Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cricket Fight Would Be Funny If It Weren't So Sad

City Rebuild Indy Cash Down Drain
The spat over the canceled USACA’s Cricket Championships, once to be held at the still-under-construction World Sports Park, has gotten personal with both sides lobbing verbal and written shots at one another.

Laughably, the USACA criticized Indy’s ability to hold their event citing lack of tournament sponsorships from the city and a dearth of direct flights into the city. Indy fired back that it could easily handle a small event like the Cricket Championships if it could handle multiple major motorsports events, NCAA Final Fours and a Super Bowl.

What’s more laughable from Indy’s point of view is that now the Mayor’s spokesman Marc Lotter is admitting that the Ballard Administration had its doubts about the USACA as an organization, but they put their faith in one man, Darren Beazley, the recently deposed leader of the organization.  Lotter also seems to admit indirectly that the Ballard Administration may have overblown the significance and impact of the USACA Tournament on the Indy economy.

That means that this $6 million $5.1 million investment all came down to faith in one person…SIX MILLION in Rebuild Indy funds that could be used to be rebuilding sidewalks and streets? That’s pretty unbelievable. In fact, it’s unconscionable.

The USACA will now move its tournament back to Central Broward Regional Park and Stadium, a 5,500 permanent seat stadium with lights. According to dreamcricket.com, it’s the same stadium the USACA criticized a year ago.  Even Florida officials are taking a wait-and-see attitude towards the USACA saying that if fees aren't paid up front then there will be no tournament.

Indy Democrat has obtained copious e-mails from Republican City-County Councillor Christine Scales where she raised a number of questions and concerns over the past few years.  At one point, she was told to file a Freedom of Information Act to get information from the city.  That's ridiculous for a City-County Councillor.  This Administration has no shame.

Now, it's over, but Greg Ballard has cracked the door wide open for a potential future opponent to attack him and his Administration over a lack of due diligence on investigating this organization or overlooking the obvious tea leaves that should have had them backing away quickly from the USACA..


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why council Dem leadership is not more vocal about this.

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