Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brown to Resign from Council

Vernon Brown
Longtime Democratic Councillor Vernon Brown will be stepping down from the Council in the next few weeks, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal.

The IBJ report says Brown is leaving the Council in order to continue his run for Warren Township Trustee this year.  A new state law precludes Brown, an IFD firefighter, from running again for Council in 2015.  Jeff Bennett, the current Warren Township Trustee, is not running for reelection.

Brown's seat is safe for Democrats.  The person that replaces him on the Council will be heavily favored to win back the seat.  The gentleman that ran against Brown in 2011, Michael Heady, is ironically running for Warren Township Trustee as Brown's opponent.

Since the current Council took office in 2012, two other Councillors have resigned for greener political pastures.  Ryan Vaughn became Greg Ballard's Chief of Staff, and Jeff Cardwell went to work for Governor Pence.  Steve Talley also has announced he is running for Lawrence Township Trustee, but he is, so far, staying on the Council.

Talley and Mary Moriarty Adams, as the IBJ piece points out, both are also affected by the same law that prevents Brown from running for Council again as an IFD firefighter.  Talley works for IMPD, and Moriarty Adams is employed in the Assessor's Office.

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