Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sandborn Senasation: John Gregg Back for 2016 Fight?

Well, he's back.  Or at least he's close to being back.

Looking tan and fitter than a Sandborn fiddle, John Gregg stepped back into the limelight at the Indiana Democratic Party Convention.

Former campaign staffers passed out stickers early on indicating that something might have been up.  At the 7th District caucus, Gregg said that he would talk about his future later this year.  He also said that he wanted to make it clear that his dialing back from politics was only temporary so that he could deal with some "family issues."

Seems like he was going full speed on Saturday.  Gregg appeared on stage to nominate his longtime friend Mike Claytor for Auditor of State.  He came out carrying a blue suitcase covered with a ton of stickers from various places around the world.  The sticker's tag orange tag said it belonged to Mike Pence.

Gregg said that a guy had walked up to him on the street saying that he found the suitcase and that he had tried all over the area to find Pence.  He said the guy, "tried the Governor's Mansion, and this Governor lives there, but he wasn't there."  He plopped it down beside the podium and said that the Governor's been everywhere lately and Hoosier taxpayers have seemingly been paying for it.  Standing ovation.  John Gregg's back.  Need more of a clue?

Later, Gregg said he's looking forward to working with the 2014 statewide ticket of Boland, White, and Claytor now and in the future (adding a huge wink).

I'd have to say John Gregg is actively looking at running for Governor again, and if you go back and read his Facebook post where he seemingly pulled out of the running for the office in 2016...he left himself some wiggle room.  His statement at that time included this, "Despite the overwhelming support and encouragement to make another run, I am announcing that, at this time, I am no longer actively seeking the Indiana Democratic Party’s nomination for Governor in 2016."

I'd have to say he's close to actively seeking it again, and with his wit and wisdom and the education of a statewide run behind him, the sequel might be even better than the original in this case.  John Gregg...and his mustache...seem back and ready to go.


Anonymous said...

Fitting he brought a suitcase representing all of his baggage. Please save us from another hillbilly campaign. He is a relic of a bygone age. How's he on marriage equality (remember what he said in 2012).

johnnystir . said...

I'm assuming he the President and Joe Donnelly. We'll see.

To be frank, the Governor is not the one you want to pin down on Marriage Equality. He or she has zero to say about whether it goes into the Constitution or not.

I get your sentiment though. You won't be alone in wanting someone else. Having only lost by 3 percentage points last time, he can make a powerful argument that a different campaign this time around might push him over the top.