Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Primary Election Time!

Today is Primary Election Day!  The polls open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 6:00 p.m.

I don't predict any major surprises, but I will be watching what happens in House District 91's race where it's gotten awfully chippy in the last few days.  I've actually fielded calls on this race from people mad about Bob Behning's ads that he ran against Michael Scott.  The ad compared Scott to the Chicago-style politics of Barack Obama and criticized him for not taking a stand on the issue of a woman's right to choose.

I'm told that Scott took $3,500 from a union.  He is, after all, a lunchpail Republican and an electrician.  Behning, of course, didn't just pull that money to run those expensive TV ads out of his couch cushions.  The ALEC-aligned legislator has had plenty of benefactors with had plenty of support from the so-called "reformers" on the far right of the Tony Bennett ilk.

I also think the race for Congress in the 7th District will be an interesting one.  It could be close between the five Republicans running.  I give the edge to Cat Ping on name recognition, but Wayne Harmon, JD Miniear, Gordon Smith, or even the unlikely Erin Magee could advance to face Andre Carson.  The only question for me is how close to 90 percent will Carson's vote total be in his four-way race.

There's a referendum on the ballot in Decatur Township as well.  Decatur wants to increase property taxes to support capital projects and transportation.  There hasn't been much of an organized opposition so far, so I would expect the referendum will pass.  These things are always prickly though.

It will be the first time that Marion County has tried out a central count of absentee ballots now mandated by SEA 621 that reorganized Marion County and Indianapolis city government.  We shall see how much, if at all, that delays election results.

The important thing is to get out and vote.  In a depressed turnout, those of you that go to the polls have a greater voice in what happens in November.

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