Monday, May 12, 2014

Pence Not Ready for Long Haul in Presidential Crucible

GOP Looking For Pence to Ride In, Save Day
The Washington Post published an article on Friday saying that the Republican Party is working hard to recruit Indiana Governor Mike Pence to run for President. According to the Post, the Governor is listening to the overtures. 

The Post piece quotes Republican insiders like Dick Armey and Grover Nordquist and hits upon the Governor’s strengths and his weaknesses. All-in-all, it’s a pretty honest piece.

Governor Pence is an appealing candidate…for Vice President. The fact that they are pushing a man with a lightweight Congressional career and an Indiana Gubernatorial record that is fairly light by comparison to his predecessor is telling about where the Republican Party is today.

Pence showed in 2012 that he was a bad closer and an even worse debater. He squandered a double-digit lead over John Gregg into an election night win that some say could have swung differently had the challenger had just a few more weeks. At one point, Pence was up some 18 points over Gregg in one August poll, but, when the votes were counted in November, he only had 49 percent to Gregg’s 46.

When people started paying attention to Mike Pence, they moved to John Gregg and Libertarian Rupert Boneham. Pence had just enough left over to stick his chest out at the finish line for the much closer than expected victory.

Forgive some of us Hoosiers if we don’t see the hubbub over our Governor. I can’t imagine Pence staying around for the long haul in a Presidential race. His chances would be blown off the stage by stronger personalities and performers like Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, or even Mitt Romney (whose name is being bandied about by some again) and would stand little chance against the Democratic nominee if he were lucky enough to win the Republican nod.

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