Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New District Look: Part I

I sat down this weekend to try to figure out what Councillor went where when it came to possible incumbents for the new City-County Council districts in 2015.  Here's what I came up with for the DISTRICT Councillors only.

A Couple of Caveats...

  • This does not take into account the At-Large Councillors who will be giving up their countywide seats thanks to Senate Enrolled 621 to possibly run for district seats.  
  • It also assumes that anyone that's ineligible under the new state laws regarding City-County Council eligibility decides to take steps necessary to run again.

District 1-Angela Mansfield (D) AND Jose Evans (R)
District 2-Will Gooden (R)
District 3-Christine Scales (R)
District 4-Ginny Cain (R)
District 5-Michael McQuillen (R)
District 6-Janice McHenry (R)
District 7-Joe Simpson (D)
District 8-Monroe Gray (D)
District 9-Duke Oliver (D)
District 10-Maggie Lewis (D)
District 11-Vop Osili (D)
District 12-Mary Moriarty Adams (D)
District 13-Steve Talley (D)
District 14-Vernon Brown (D)
District 15-Marilyn Pfisterer (R)
District 16-Jeff Miller (R) and Jefferson Shreve (R)
District 17-Brian Mahern (D)
District 18-OPEN SEAT
District 19-Ben Hunter (R)
District 20-Jason Holliday (R)
District 21-Frank Mascari (D)
District 22-Bob Lutz (R)
District 23-OPEN SEAT
District 24-Jack Sandlin (R)
District 25-Aaron Freeman (R)

I'll dig a little deeper and go into some depth tomorrow about these new districts and what they all could mean for City-County Council races in 2015.

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