Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New BlueIndy Program Deserves Praise

From the credit where credit is due file, Indy's new electric car sharing program is pretty awesome.

The BlueIndy program is now set to serve Indy citizens.  It was rolled out formally yesterday in a ceremony with Mayor Greg Ballard and the Bollore Group executives on hand.  

According to the Indianapolis Star, the Ballore Group's had success in international markets like Paris, but this is their first foray into the American market.  The cars will drive for a limited distance before needing to be recharged, but it would be enough to go to work or to the store.  Indy residents can now buy a membership and won't need to perhaps own a car or two.  Looks like most of the kiosks will be downtown, but there's one set to be at the Indianapolis International Airport.

Depending on cost, this could revolutionize the way people live and work downtown though I'm very interested to see how everything works with insurance and things.  I'm also interested to talk to people who use the cars.

There are some devils in the details.  We don't know how much rates will go up to pay for the new program nor do we know how it will be funded.  I guess we'll cross these bridges when we come to it.

Regardless, I have to give Mayor Ballard and the other city leaders a big thumbs up for this new and innovative program. 

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Anonymous said...

I stopped by the test drive location on E Washington and Meridian and evidently their cars can go 170 miles on a single charge! They are going to have 25 locations this December and 200 by December 2015 and I'm so excited about signing up!