Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dems Turn To Boland to Fill Out Ticket

Annnd…we have a prospective ticket.
Mike Boland

Democrats are expected to nominate former Illinois State Rep., Mike Boland, to run for Treasurer of State in Indiana when they convene at the Indiana Convention Center this Saturday. Boland, a retired educator, now hangs his hat in Fishers after serving in the Illinois legislature for 16 years.  Boland is a former candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Illinois.

Many expected the Democrats to tab an experienced candidate for the office. That’s exactly what they did when they tapped Boland on the shoulder. 

Boland was the last hole on the statewide ticket for the Dems. Attorney and CPA Mike "The Calculator" Claytor has been campaigning for months for Auditor, and Marion County Clerk Beth White has done the same in pursuit of the Secretary of State’s Office.

As far as the Republican ticket goes, barring some miracle, it will be settled on the convention floor at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne on June 6.  While incumbents Suzanne Crouch and Connie Lawson will not be challenged for Audior and Secretary of State, Treasurer Richard Mourdock is forbidden by the Indiana Constitution from running for a third-consecutive term.  Three very different Republicans are running for Treasurer of State.  Marion Mayor Wayne Seybold is likely the favorite with Tea Partier Don Bates and Kelly Mitchell running as well.     

Seybold and Bates both have been pushing back against allegations threatening to disrupt their campaigns.  That makes Mitchell a potentially attractive choice for some and things very interesting at the Republican Convention.  That ship will sail in June.

Libertarian Karl Tatgenhorst is also running for Secretary of State having earned the nomination at the Libertarian Party Convention.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Bates will get it, it will be fun watching Zody tear that madman up.Bates is one sick puppy which sits perfect in the TEA PARTY movement. Lets hope that the Tea Party shows up and votes for Don Bates and Mitchell. Boland can beat Bates.