Saturday, May 31, 2014

Democrats Wrap Convention Unified

The Indiana Democratic Party Convention wrapped today in Indianapolis.

Besides the business of nominating a state ticket and adopting the platform, the convention provided a great chance for a "Big Dem Weekend" and celebration in Indianapolis.  That was the theme and the atmosphere.

Unlike the Republicans who have a bitterly-contested battle for Treasurer of State, a battle over a platform plank, and rankling over whether the delegates can carry guns in the Grand Wayne Convention Center, the Indiana Democratic Party Convention was notable for its feeling of unity.

The Democrats have nominated a "professional ticket" as someone (I think Mike Claytor) put it.  For Treasurer, the party nominated Mike Boland, a man with a great understanding of how state government works after spending years as a part of it in neighboring Illinois.  The party made Mike Claytor, a CPA, its nominee for Auditor of State.  Beth White is the nominee for Secretary of State, and she clearly understands that job having been Marion County Clerk for the last seven years.

These aren't political appointees.  If given the opportunity to serve, they all have agendas and all have the ability to hit the ground running with those agendas.  It's a ticket Hoosiers can be sure will use Hoosier common sense.

Beyond the ticket, Democrats adopted a party platform that is as progressive as it possibly could be.  It includes full support for marriage equality among other things.  Not one person at the Central Committee or in the convention hall spoke up against it.  It passed unanimously.

Now, the Republicans have their turn.  I won't be in Fort Wayne, but I can imagine it won't be like the Indiana Democratic Party State Convention.  As everyone knows, there ain't no party like a Democrat Party!

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