Saturday, May 31, 2014

Delegates, Welcome to Indianapolis!

To the delegates of the Indiana Democratic Party Convention:

Welcome to my hometown, Indianapolis.

While we have important business to discuss today when we convene, at least we are celebrating what looks like a great and qualified statewide ticket.  We need to send them off to victory.

That's what today is.  It is a celebration.  I think we, as Democrats, are poised for a comeback.  The Republicans, while formidable, are in clear disarray.  They have a contentious race for Indiana Treasurer of State that is really more for the soul of the party than anything else.  They have a Governor that's running for President who still can't push his own agenda through a General Assembly with supermajorities.  They have a Senator who's little more than a Tea Party puppet and TWO...count 'em TWO Congressmen that have had to fight alleged tax problems.

As Democrats, we have our problems, but we also have our opportunities.  Picking up seats in the Indiana House and Senate is possible this election season.  We have two great, progressive members of Congress up for reelection, and I think everyone can be proud of the measured and common sense leadership that Joe Donnelly has shown as a Senator, even if you don't always agree with him.  Things look greener on our side of the fence than they do on theirs.

Let's get together and celebrate all we have going for us.  Let's be glad that this is the party that is talking the issues and standing up for equality of all types.  You get the feeling that the wind is blowing at our backs, and that this state is poised to become a little more purple (adding blue to the red) in the next few elections.

Let's also hope that when we convene in 2016 here in this city (if we decide to come back) that it's a Democratic Mayor that welcomes you instead of this Democratic blogger.  We'll need all of your help to unseat a Mayor that so brazenly has put a failed cricket tournament ahead of public safety.

Thank you again for coming, and welcome to my hometown.  To quote the First Lady, "Let's Move!"

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