Wednesday, May 21, 2014

But It's Just Bad Guys Shooting Bad Guys...Right?

My good friend Abdul-Hakim Shabazz tweeted this out yesterday evening.

Or, in other words...

It seems like this is the prevailing attitude now in the Ballard Administration and among those that support it.  It's as if this serves as a way to excuse some of the crimes that seem to be a nightly occurrence in our city these days.  To me, this is the wrong attitude to have about crime in Indy, and we'll never solve the issue if we simply throw up our hands and say that it was just bad guys shooting bad guys.  When murders went down during Ballard's term, he took credit.  Now that murders are up again, he wants no part of it and those around him come up with excuses at every turn to explain things.  It's almost like they're trying to convince Indianapolis not to care.

At minimum, it still takes time, manpower, and effort by IMPD to investigate everything that happens.  It also takes time to round up those responsible and get them behind bars.  At worst, crime is happening in people's neighborhoods.  It's happening in their backyards or, like what happened to me on Tuesday morning, on my route to work.

Interstate 465 was closed between Sam Jones Expressway and Washington Street because of a police action shooting that happened in the middle of the interstate.  This caused me to detour from my normal route to work.

That was a minor inconvenience.  Other neighborhoods in this city are being gripped by crime, violent and otherwise, and the blase attitude towards it comes off to me as galling.

What also gets lost when we reduce crime to this almost impersonal level, I think we lose the idea that these alleged bad guys, even bad as they are, are someone's children.  Someone out there loved them, and I have sympathy for those folks too.

We can't simply stand by and try to shield our eyes from the bad things happening in our city.  We need solutions, and "Nothing to see here," isn't it.

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