Thursday, May 8, 2014

Brooks Districts Stand in Council Fight

King Greg I
Those running for City-County Council finally have something to go on.

On Wednesday, the Indiana Supremes reversed the decision of a panel of Marion County Superior Court Judges.

The decision by the state's highest court reinstated the City-County Council redistricting maps created by Hamilton County resident David Brooks and passed by Republicans in the 11th hour of their City-County Council majority back in 2011.

Greg Ballard signed those maps into law as soon as 2012 began, and that was apparently good enough for the Supreme Court.  This ends the dispute and gives some closure now to Democrats who find themselves suddenly fighting uphill for a Council majority.

While the new maps have not been in place as of yet, Democrats are currently at a 14-11 disadvantage in the districts.  Only the four At-Large seats, which will cease to exist in 2016 courtesy of Mayor Ballard's Power Grab, provide D's with a one-seat majority.

Reaction was swift.

City-County Council President Maggie Lewis tweeted the following:

You can see all the new districts and things here.




Paul K. Ogden said...

According to Brooks's 2010 figures (which I haven't been able to confirm because of reprecinting), the maps are 15-10 in favor of Republicans. As I've written previously, I don't buy it. Using 2012 numbers they were 17-8 in favor of Democrats. Granted higher turnout favors Democrats so the 2012 numbers aren't comparable to 2015, the numbers just aren't that close. You can't really get to a situation where Republicans can win the council with the Brooks' map.

Anonymous said...

Question: how do we know who our Councillor will be? Most of them do not list a home address on the Indygov site address list, so I don't know who will be representing me. Help!

johnnystir . said...

It's tricky! You'll know when they are elected. By my account, most of the Councillors were left alone in their current general areas except for Jefferson Shreve and Jeff Miller. They were put in the same district.

Of course, when the districts were drawn, Jeff Cardwell represented District 23, and he lived further south and would not have been in the same district.

23, as it stands, is now the only open district. You might have been moved into another district, but it's quite possible you could have the same district Councillor.

The At-Larges are another matter. Leroy Robinson is in Maggie Lewis' district. Zach Adamson is in Brian Mahern's district. John Barth lives in Will Gooden's district, and Pam Hickman is in Christine Scales' district.