Friday, April 25, 2014

Rate, Tax Hikes Squeezing Indy Residents

Studies have shown that the wages of Hoosiers are far less than the national average, and the disparity between income and cost of living is getting even bigger.

That’s what makes the one-two-three punch of utility rate hikes even harder to swallow for local residents.

Citizens announced last month that water rates would be hiked nine percent. That was just the first shoe to drop. On Wednesday, IPL announced that it would be hiking rates to help pay for the new car share and car charge spots in downtown Indy. Thursday, Citizens announced that sewer rates are going up over one quarter, 26 percent, for customers. This trifecta of bad news comes as Hoosiers dig deeper in their pockets for everything from gasoline to groceries.  Then there’s the added cost that the city has to pay to convert some of its meters to charging stations due to the parking deal from a few years back. Add in the extra taxes and fees you’ll be paying in Indy plus on top of that a possible tax rate hike to deal with public safety issues and much more…Indianapolis residents have to feel like a squeezed orange. It’s not a particularly pleasing recipe.

Oh wait…we forgot the extra subsidies for the Pacers and the development of the Market East area.

Wow, Mayor “not going to ask for more of your money” Ballard seems to be doing a pretty good job of it, doesn’t he?  Had enough?


Paul K. Ogden said...

Excellent column. I wish more liberals thought like you. Too many refuse to say anything about all the giveaways of our tax dollars to corporate interests. The pie is only so big. We can't tax and fee people endless. We need to have priorities and when we're giving out corporate welfare that's less money for government services, thinks like parks, roads, public safety, etc.

Anonymous said...

Well, as a Democrat, if we would we would have told Bart "NO!" when he did that ridiculous one-sided deal for Lucas Oil and the Colts, we wouldn't be where we are now. All the subsidies, especially the ridiculous sports ones, have flowed from that.

Ballard is just continuing the tradition Peterson started.

johnnystir . said...

If you remember correctly, it wasn't all Mayor Peterson on that deal. Mayor Peterson wanted to help build the new stadium using revenue from a downtown casino. This was Mitch's plan for Lucas Oil.