Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Political Potholes?

Mayor Greg Ballard has been playing politics with Rebuild Indy money.  That's the allegation by some Democrats on the City-County Council.

They say that since 2010, Ballard has spent, on average $6,000,000 more in Rebuild Indy repairs in Republican City-County Council districts over those districts with a Democratic City-County Councillor.

The Democrats say that Ballard's newest round of projects will make things even worse shutting out District 2, District 10, District 18, and District 20 from receiving any funding at all.  Each of those districts is represented by a Democrat.  According to the release from Councillor Maggie Lewis, District 10 has over $2 million worth of emergency repairs.  Ballard's plan doesn't address any of these repairs with one dollar.

From the news release:

The priorities for road and sidewalk improvement should not be based on the choices residents make when they are in the voting booth. 
“Unlike the Mayor, the Council will not make decisions about city services based on how residents vote - we will continue to work with this administration to identify resources for much needed repairs. However, as we proceed the Mayor must check his partisanship at the door,” said Councilor Zach Adamson. “Potholes are not Republican or Democrat."
The Council’s Public Works Committee will continue to review Proposal 90 and will address these inequities prior to passage to ensure all the people of Marion County benefit from this spending.
Just when you think Mayor Ballard can't go lower, he resets the bar.  I'm interested to see how he tries to squirm away from this one.  These are the kinds of things that voters need to be reminded of as 2015 continues to approach.


Anonymous said...

and your best answer to Ballard is Frank Short. and Dan Parker? Really? Until you guys get a true contender, you'll be dealing with this crap. These two are nothing more than Melina 2.0…I guess Frank has never heard of Opposition Research. siddtly

johnnystir . said...

Always love it when people criticize and then feel so strongly about their own opinion that they don't put their name to it. Thanks.