Monday, April 21, 2014

Pence Can't Master Photo Opportunity

Mike Pence’s potential run for President has taken a higher flight this past week as the Governor traipsed off to Germany on a "targeted" trade mission.
During the trip, Pence settled in for a Pacers game, and his wife, Karen Pence tweeted something that proved yet again what everyone knows. Mike Pence is bad at the photo op...and he'd better get better.

The Indiana First Lady tweeted out a picture purporting to have the Governor watching the Indiana Pacers game. The problem is that the game is coming through on a laptop, and everyone with the exception of Pence (who is watching from an awkward side angle) and the First Lady look horribly uncomfortable.

The picture says, "Hi everyone...we're all awkwardly watching this Pacers game from the same side of the table.  Yeah...that's the ticket!"

It’s like when Pence tried to show how he was mowing his lawn…that didn’t need mowing…in dress shoes.
I don’t know who is giving Governor Pence his marching orders or his advice, but he clearly needs to be in the incubator for another few years before he runs for President. His less-than-distinguished record as a do-little Congressional representative and gubernatorial record built upon another Governor’s successes will indeed be scrutinized. 

In the end, they’ll find a politician who can’t do photo ops and has little substance. They’ll find a guy that can’t debate well and won’t stand the scrutiny of a full blown Presidential race.

Pence is being portrayed as a sign of hope for the GOP in 2016. If that’s the guy the GOP is hoping for, Democrats have little to be worried about.  He can't even master the easy photo op!

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