Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pacers Attendance Figures Show Cowherd Owes Indianapolis Residents An Apology

A year or so ago, ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd accused Indianapolis of ignoring the Pacers because of race.

His argument back in February 2013 was that since the Pacers were pretty good (at that time) and that no one was going to the games that Indy chose to be...well...racist.  To buttress his argument, he went to WTHR's Facebook website and quoted a couple of fans to back up his argument.

He took a great deal of criticism locally and nationally for his rant against the Circle City because, despite the crazies on social media, what he said made very little sense.

Here you go...

Today, the Pacers attendance continues to soar.  They were middle of the pack in attendance, but Bankers Life Fieldhouse was over 95 percent full on average.  The trend is continuing to climb as Jordan Heck from the Indianapolis Star documents.

Colin Cowherd clearly doesn't understand anything about Indianapolis.  We're not racists.  We're frontrunners, and that has been proven over time.  If you want to criticize us, criticize us for that.  The Pacers hit rock bottom, and they were still in the process of digging out last year.  It's been a process of rebuilding trust between a city of skeptical basketball fans and its franchise.  Now that the Pacers have proven to be consistent winners again, the city is once again all about the blue and gold.

I'm sure that chagrins some of the G2 Zone and Area 55 fans who have been true blue Pacers fans throughout the entire swoon and back again.  I salute those folks because they are the true team fans.  They are thick and thin fans that will support the team always.  Indy, however, is not that way, and it never has been.

Had the Colts slipped after their 2-14 season, then you would likely have tons of empty seats on StubHub for sale for cheap.  As it stands, the Colts recovered quickly and Lucas Oil Stadium remains filled to capacity on home game Sundays.  Even so, the Colts needed help selling out in the playoffs, and that was economy-related.  Things aren't always as slam dunk as they seem, Mr. Cowherd.

Was Cowherd right about some Indy residents?  No question, yes.  To lump us all in one pot, however, did a huge disservice to our great city.  It also appears that Cowherd's thesis is rapidly collapsing.  If Indianapolis were a racist city, then attendance would not have risen.  Continued success and slick marketing would not be a part of the issue.

For these reasons, I hope Mr. Cowherd spends some time owning his ridiculous and outlandish statements from February 2013 today or at some point on his program.  Given the bombastic nature of his show, I doubt that he will.  If he doesn't address it, I would say he needs to change his name to Colin Coward.


IndyDem said...

I normally don't chime in on Sports related blog posts, but I distinctly remember not wanting to go any more Pacer games several years ago and it had a lot more to do with the arrests and bad social behavior. Nothing do with the race of the players.

johnnystir . said...

I think that was the general consensus of the city at that time. Things have changed, though.

johnnystir . said...

1.) They weren't successful
2.) They came off a long string of bad press.