Thursday, April 17, 2014

Market East Coming to Indy

In a coordinated announcement with Indy Downtown and others, Mayor Ballard rolled out the newest name for Indy’s newest commercial district.

Market East, which encompasses the City-County Building, the City Market, the soon-to-be-built Market Tower, and the upcoming Cummins facility plus the surrounding area, brings an identity to an area of town that sorely needs it especially since July 1999 when Market Square Arena became a pile of twisted metal and rubble.

The Mayor also announced a contest to revision the City-County Building’s plaza and the footprint of the long forgotten Marion County Courthouse that used to sit on it. The city rolled everything out on a nice website, It’s really something to look at.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Mayor Ballard put the same kind of effort into ending the rash of violence in the city? I give him credit for trying, but Market East won’t be anything spectacular without a safe city around us.

Perhaps I’m being unfair, but it seems like we have misplaced our priorities sometimes.

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kris said...

no, you're not being unfair. the first i've heard ballard talk at all about any violence in the city was last night's unnecessary press briefing regarding the impd murder-suicide. i want as cohesive and well-thought out a plan for violence as i see on this market east website.