Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Maggie for Mayor?

Indy Star columnist Matt Tully “broke” the news on Tuesday that Maggie Lewis was mulling over a run for Mayor of Indianapolis, and that’s something that you’ve known for months if you read this blog.

The Lewis watch had seemed to cool over the past few months, but Tully has her on the record that she’ll be making a decision over the next few weeks.
Council President Maggie Lewis
photo courtesy
Tony Campbell, Photographer

As far as candidates for Mayor go, Lewis shatters the mold. We’ve never had a major party candidate win the nomination for Mayor like her, and she has the record to back it up.

Some might use her seat on the Capital Improvement Board against her, but she has done a good job as City-County Council President, overall. She’s been able to strike a few deals across the aisle and keep her caucus somewhat in line. That’s not always easy to do. I’ve heard former Marion County Democratic Party Chair Ed Treacy say that herding Democrats is like herding cats. He’s exactly correct. It’s not easy.  While Lewis is still young, she is currently serving as one of Mayor Greg Ballard’s most visible foils, but she has managed to disagree at times with the Mayor with a great deal of class and without appearing too disagreeable. 

Suddenly, the once empty field is getting crowded.  Frank Short is in the race, and Dan Parker is overdue to let us know his intentions. We know Ed Delaney may be deciding soon.  Lewis now adds her name to the shortlist.  Should she run, she will be a tough out for the others.  She combines experience, name recognition, and that something different many D's are looking for in their 2015 candidate. 

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Had Enough Indy? said...

Really? Short and Lewis are the best the Ds can muster? Her few deals have enabled the re-re-election campaign of one Greg Ballard. This includes, among other things, her capitulation on the 2013 budget, her personal sign off on the Pacers deal, her unilateral extension for the Ballard administration to turn over the ROC docs. Crime prevention grants that allowed her employer to pay her salary. She'll have to decide if she can upend a third term after she instructs her caucus to vote for an income tax increase, a deal to eliminate the homestead credit, and an unexamined half a billion deal for 30 years to, basically, increase arrestees and the rent that pays to commercial prison industry.

Good luck.