Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Magee Says Electing Muslim to Congress Would Be "Security Risk"...No Joke

Erin Kent Magee
Floridian for Congress, Erin Kent Magee, spoke with WISH-TV's Jim Shella about his run(s) for Congress in Indiana and Florida and his Senate campaign in Tennessee.

Speaking with Shella, Magee admitted that he had never been to the State of Indiana.  Because of that, I believe his chances of winning election are slim and none.

After you read his comments about a sitting Congressman, you may agree with me that Magee's chances may have gone to slimmer and none-er.

Magee's issues with Congressman Andre Carson, the incumbent in the 7th District, don't have anything to do with apparently what the Congressman has done in office.  Instead, Magee believes that sending Congressman Carson back for another term in Congress is detrimental to the United States.

"Ah, I think many Americans would object to electing a Muslim to a federal office,” he said. “It poses a grave security risk for them to hold federal office,” Shella quotes Magee as saying.  Of course, this is not Carson's first time at the rodeo.  He has faced Marvin Scott in the 2010 who made Carson's religion an issue in his campaign.  At least Scott tried to deny it.  Magee just went ahead and pushed the button.

In Congress since March 2008, Carson also was a law enforcement officer with the Department of Homeland Security prior to his career in Congress.  He and Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota are the only two Muslims in Congress.

Apparently realizing the inflammatory nature of his comments, Magee called Shella back to soften his comments a bit.

Too late.  Damage done.  I wish you the best in your other runs for federal office, Mr. Magee.  Your views are not welcome in Indiana.  Perhaps if you bothered to visit the state before you signed up to run here, you'd know it.

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